About Us


Dr. Gina Oliver

From building her own lab equipment from scratch to pioneering new fields of research and innovation, Dr. Gina Oliver doesn't let being a first generation college graduate and STEM Ph.D. stop her from relentlessly pursuing positive and impactful change. As an NSF Graduate Fellow, she has presented at conferences around the world, collaborated with researchers across fields, and now has turned her sights on fixing farming, food, and climate change. A year out of her doctorate degree program she received a highly selective and prestigious USDA Phase 1 SBIR grant and has been selected to be part of California's Dream Fund.

Richard Hutchison

Mr. Hutchison dropped out of his Ph.D. program to pursue faster-paced impact projects. While conducting research to improve the optical and thermal efficiency of phosphor converted white LEDs using nanocomposites he led a team to develop and patent an active sports body armor. Post academia he helped rapidly resolve and improve stem cell differentiation factor delivery micro and nanoparticles, led and scaled an innovation lab, built and ran an Engineering Design program for underserved and underrepresented people of all ages, and even founded and ran a tea business, landing himself on the front page of a prominent Silicon Valley news paper.